7,4 % of One United Properties transacted for 20 mil euros. The company is worth 250 million euros

In a recent article Ziarul Financiar informs that the company controlled by Andrei Diaconescu and Victor Căpitanu has approved another capital increase of 20 million euros, has already subscribed 10 million euros and is due to yield 7.4% of the company for 20 million euros.

The transaction raises the company's value to 250 million euros. Next year, the two developers intend to also introduce institutional investors with minority packages in the company. They also take into account a green bond issue (a bond issued by a company for use in climate and environmental projects).

"With new funding sources, we have the possibility to keep the new buildings in our portfolio. When it comes to office development, if you intend to grow you have to either sell or raise capital. It's difficult to grow and keep offices if you do not raise capital",

Victor Căpitanu describes the strategy.

More infos are available on this article on ZF Corporate (ro).

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