One United Properties for Biz: “The value of money will decrease, and the value of real estate assets will increase”

Even if everyone is passing through challenging times, and what follows lacks its usual predictability, the business must continue its course to return to a stable economic normal.

Our VP Residential Sales, Beatrice Dumitrașcu, discussed with Biz magazine the future of business in Romania, the changes in investment trends, and the challenges of the real estate market. When arguing economy recovery, Beatrice says:

”Sustainable development is not new to us, It’s one of our business commitments. The paradigm shift is likely to lead to what is called the "flight-to-quality", translated into a shift to safer investments, such as housing, amid declining value for money. We will, therefore, witness a change in investment behavior. Against this background, sustainable developments that fit perfectly with the current lifestyle and work will prevail. To all this add 3 keywords: location, location, location. That will make a difference when it comes to developments.”

As for changes in the real estate market, Beatrice believes that property prices will increase in the next period, both on a short-medium term and on a long one. The reason for the increase in prices might be given by

“the low-interest rates (zero or negative) on banks, cumulated with the trillions printed by central banks, which will, of course, lead to a decrease in the value of money. If we look at history, property investments have always been and will continue to be the best way to preserve and increase the value of money.”

As 2019 has been a good year with business accomplishments, our company is looking forward to new upcoming projects. Last year we managed to be the first Romanian internationally awarded real estate company and received the "Best International Sustainable Residential Development 2019-2020" Award in London at the International Property Awards. This award is an extraordinary sign for the real estate industry in our country. ”In recent years, developers have begun to pay more and more attention to the quality of works, to sustainability, to impact on communities and the environment. The international award our company received last year in London, a premiere for a Romanian developer, is also an extraordinary signal for our industry, which does not have a very long tradition and which is at present being created and consolidated”, Beatrice added. For 2020 One United Properties currently has 6 working sites and 1 more will be opened soon. ”We plan to start Neo Floreasca Lake and One Peninsula this year, and as our developments are authorized, we will provide details about them.

As for the crisis the whole country is facing, Beatrice mentioned:

“The company's management team focused on two directions: one for business continuity and workflow adaptation, another for supporting the medical system. One United Properties managed to raise over 300,000 euros together with individual shareholders of the company and other partners, for the fight against CO-VID 19. At the same time, the materials already ordered continue to be delivered as they arrive: mechanical fans, quick tests, masks FFP3, digital stethoscopes, visors. We will continue to get involved in this endeavor and we also hope that the message sent will inspire and determine other people in the business environment to donate and support the Romanian medical system.”

Full interview here.

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