One Rahmaninov

One Rahmaninov

50-70 Rahmaninov, Bucharest

One Rahmaninov is one of the most exclusive residential projects on the real estate market in Bucharest.

The super-premium apartment compound located near Verdi Park has been delivered this year as Rahmaninov Residence. It is currently part of One United Properties management and portfolio, as rebranded: One Rahmaninov.

The compound offers exclusive apartments overlooking Verdi Park and Floreasca Lake, in a highly desirable area of Bucharest, with quick access to many facilities. The complex consists of 86 luxury residential units, half of them handled by One United Properties as benefiting from exceptional interior design and high-quality finishes made by Lemon Interior Design.

One Rahmaninov covers a built area of 23,000 square meters, with Gf + 8 floors and 3 entries. It is the only residential complex in the country with a 600 square meters and 6 meters high lobby. At the same time, the complex includes a very generous parking lot, with 200 parking spaces for all apartments.

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State of the art lobby and outstanding residential design

About the neighbourhood

One Rahmaninov is a super-premium apartment complex located near Verdi Park, overlooking Floreasca Lake Verdi Park. It is close to the City Center, being surrounded by the finest services Bucharest has to offer. One Rahmaninov also benefits from having the airport nearby and is well served by amenities such as 2 subway stations nearby, tramline, city bus route and a walking distance to the Mall, Cinema and Business Center.
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